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Dunoon Area Alliance

About the Dunoon Area Alliance 

Dunoon Area Alliance (DAA) is established to bring together organisations, agencies and community members with an interest in the regeneration of our town. Read more>

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& support local people to regenerate Dunoon

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Our projects

Town Team

Supporting workers with a regeneration remit to meet regularly to share their priorities, consider community needs and explore joint action.

Dunoon + Cowal Coworks

The creation of an inclusive peer to peer network focused on freelance, home based workers & enterprising people in Dunoon and rural Cowal.

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Community gatherings to support local networking

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American Years

The development of a new organisation dedicated to telling the story of the American navy base located on Holy Loch near Dunoon.

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Bike Hub

A project to develop a bike hub for the Dunoon area

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Meeting Notes 2

Meeting Notes 3

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