What is Dunoon Area Alliance?

Dunoon Area Alliance was established to bring together organisations, agencies and community members with an interest in the regeneration of our town and area.  Membership is free and open to all - community groups, organisations, agencies, businesses and individuals.

Dunoon Area Alliance aims to inform, engage and inspire its members to work together to support the regeneration of Dunoon.  Members of the Alliance share information, support one another and work together to develop action on priorities as identified by our community.

Dunoon Area Alliance is an informal coalition of interested parties and is not in competition with, or intended to replace any existing organisation.




SURF, Scotland’s Regeneration Forum, has supported the development of Dunoon Area Alliance, as part of its Alliance for Action initiative exploring place-based regeneration.  In 2017 funding from Highlands & Islands Enterprise and Scottish Government Charette Fund enabled Dunoon Area Alliance to deliver the Think Dunoon Community Charette.

Think Dunoon identified broad consensus on Dunoon’s strengths, highlighting its strategic location, its rich history and its resourceful and lively community.  It also highlighted Dunoon’s challenges, including the need to enhance town centre facilities, address vacant and derelict sites and buildings, and the need to attract and retain residents, visitors, entrepreneurs and young people.
With these opportunities and challenges in mind, the Think Dunoon outcomes report identified a large number of priority projects under four themes – community, local economy, tourism and place – and these informed the development of an Action Plan for Dunoon Area Alliance.

SURF, Argyll & Bute Council, Highlands & Islands Enterprise, local community groups and partners have all been involved in the development of Dunoon Area Alliance.

What we do

Community Get Together Events – supporting ongoing conversations with local people about what is important to them and providing opportunities to engage with service providers.  These events aim to be open and inclusive to support all voices to be heard.
Information Sharing – our regular email updates share information from across our membership and from the national SURF network.  We want to learn from each other and from communities across Scotland and beyond.

‘Town Team’ Meetings – supporting workers with a regeneration remit to meet regularly to share their priorities, consider community needs and explore joint action.

Thematic Networks –supporting interested parties from all sectors to come together and explore community-led priorities, as identified in the Think Dunoon process and other consultation activities. 


These networks may then establish action groups to develop new initiatives.

Open Update Meetings – quarterly meetings open to all where progress on priorities can be checked, information shared and new ideas explored.

Building Connections –our close relationship with SURF allows us make use of their links with national bodies and policy makers.  We have the opportunity to share learning from Dunoon, highlight issues or request support for new ideas.

In 2018 SURF appointed a part-time local Facilitator to support the work of Dunoon Area Alliance.  The primary role of the local facilitator is to assist in the development and delivery of what we do by providing all reasonable support to local stakeholders for project planning, development, implementation and evolution.  This involves identifying opportunities for partnership working, in cooperation with SURF and local stakeholders, and reporting regularly on progress.


stay connected

If you are an interested individual, group, business or organisation you can be part of Dunoon Area Alliance.  All you need is a genuine interest in making Dunoon an even better place to live, work and visit. All you need to do is contact Ann Campbell, Dunoon Area Alliance 

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